About us

A modern Renaissance workshop survives in Italy, in the heart of the Lazio region.

It belongs to the Roman sculptor Patrizio Zanazzo, who has been living and working for many years in Tarquinia (Vt), the famous town by Etruscan origin. Sculptor and painter, he can be distinguished by the extraordinary eclecticism, which allows him to range, with great facility, from classic to modern style.

Marble, terracotta, bronze, resin, iron, cement, plexiglass are the materials which he works with. And it needs to add paintings and colors, of course.

The web site offers a wide gallery of his work, which no doubt recalls vigor and skill of an authentic artistic spirit of Italy.

For lovers of classical art there is a classic catalog with a careful selection of great quality works, that you can directly buy on line.

Some exposed works on our site are for sale, others are presented as example.

Our studio is able to design and create any work in any style and material requested by the customer.

Our great experience makes us known and appreciated for the quality and speed of execution.

Per qualsiasi informazione non esitare a contattarci.