In this series of seven sculptures the  artist has wanted to express insights of philosophical principles: seven  forms for seven thoughts – embodying tension, motion and psychological  quality. They are multiples made from marble and polyester and each one  contains in its base a delightful explanation on parchment paper of what  it represents.

It si important for us to consider that  art should be sustenance for the spirit, and the true artist seeks  neither glory nor self-affirmation, but is intent only on the quest  for beauty and harmony. Art should exalt humanity, and entails  exactness, research, understanding, the harmonic relationship between  Matter and Spirit, between the form and its content – just as in the  past. The lines, the colors, the inner sounds and the proportions are  none other than streams and vortexes of energy, uniting Hierarchies of  lives in orderly and complex harmonies.