Iron works

After  marble, bronze, clay and resin, the sculptor  measured himself with a  new material for him, which no longer he began working: iron. 

The  technique of the artist does not experience is absolutely understood by  the general public, unaccustomed to the use of this material in the  arts.

Iron  is hard and difficult to master and this is the price to pay for:  fatigue, tenacity, sacrifice, great ability. And the artist can affirm  it because he has a wide experience about all other materials. 

The  advantages, however, outweigh difficulties: iron is light, durable and  it allows acrobatic forms. But most of all the artist is conquered by  the total freedom this material offers, with endless possibilities of  rethinking. 

The  result is under our eyes. Whether figurative or not, everything is  tension, movement, creative fire. Cold rolling lines, cut, welded,  shaped, molded for creating an incredibly different range of works,  unique pieces of great value that seem cast in bronze, and are the  result of an incredible modeling work. 

Through  these shapes and works, the world’s iron is opened to the viewer, it  amazes, enchants and captivates him with its volcanic energy.